How to Become a Surrogate in California

How to Become a Surrogate in California

About surrogacy:

Surrogacy is a 3rd party reproduction process in which a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for parents who can’t conceive due to some medical issues. Basically, surrogacy consist of 2 forms: gestational surrogacy & the other is traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is performed with the transferring of embryos which are made by IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) with eggs from a donor or intended mother. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s egg is utilized for conception.

In California, women who have been wondering how to become a surrogate mother has been called to do a wonderful job for people who are needed to become parents. In California, being a surrogate mother is a farfetched way to support others in a way that no other else can.

Here are some of the ways that will help you to understand how to become a surrogate mother in California:

• For surrogacy, commit yourself – everyone is not the right candidate for becoming a surrogate mother as there is a requirement of a year-long commitment to be a surrogate. The commitment requires your heart, body, time, mind & energy. If you are married, then your partner has to be ready for your surrogacy decisions. Basically, your whole family has to be prepared by your decision of becoming a surrogate as you will require moral support from your family.

• Select the type of surrogacy – if you are prepared to become a surrogate then you have to choose between gestational & traditional surrogacy. According to the law of California, traditional surrogacy is not precisely addressed which means it is not prohibited. But this method of surrogacy is less commonly practiced as there are maximum emotional & legal risks involved.

• Complete the screening requirements – once you select the preferred method then you have to meet the requirements of a surrogate mother. surrogate California professionals’ needs may vary somehow, but most of them have to meet like candidates have to go through a medical screening. There are numerous legal necessities also where the candidate must be a permanent resident of the United States. If the candidate is a gestational carrier, then they have to complete the psychological screening method to make sure that they are fully prepared for the process of surrogacy.

• Welcome the child with the intended parents – this is the most rewarding & exciting step where the surrogate mother returned the child to the intended parents & gives them a reason to live life further. While creating the contract of surrogacy, the candidate can discuss with the intended parents the birth plan of the baby.

Understanding the success rate of surrogacy:

Surrogacy can be an emotional phase for a woman, her partner & even for the surrogate. Surrogacy has a huge success rate as compared to other treatments of fertility. In recent years, it has become popular. Statistics says that around fifty-two thousand babies were born between the year 2004 to 2008 through gestational surrogacy in the United States & since then the number is increasing. Various factors impact the success rate of surrogacy:

• The type of treatment of surrogacy.
• The sperm’s quality is being used.
• The surrogate’s capability to hold a child.

There are various private clinics in California for the treatment of surrogacy. Apart from Surrogate California Center, ‘Made in the USA Surrogacy’ is also best for this surrogacy treatment. They are a full-service agency for surrogacy & located in Northern California. Surrogacy is a fundamental service & with the correct precaution, more number of hopeful people can proceed to assemble their families with the help of a surrogate.