Consider these questions before buying a used CT scanner

Is refurbished CT scanners a purchasing option for your facility? Many doctors and practitioners are so content with their OEM purchasing habits that they won’t even consider buying refurbished systems. While this is understood, used and refurbished medical imaging equipment is worth considering for medical practices. What systems do the radiologists in the facility generally […]

Why your bone densitometer is still profitable.

Over the years bone densitometers have known to trend downwards. With that being said, can bone densitometers still be economically viable for users? Over the last several years, it has been observed that bone density reimbursements have dropped significantly from what they once were. Since the decline has affected many medical practitioners, many healthcare providers […]

5 Steps For Easy Medical Imaging Equipment Relocation

After purchasing the right medical imaging equipment, bringing it into the relevant facility can be difficult. Relocation of medical imaging equipment is another level of hassle. Fortunately, Amber USA has devised the following easy steps to make sure your medical imaging equipment is relocated into its new facility or room smoothly and successfully. Define the […]

Situations That Call For Portable X-Ray Equipment.

Portable medical imaging equipment comes in handy in many types of situations. But certain extreme circumstances make mobile x-ray equipment merely a must. These situations call for small size radiology equipment that are preferably low weight. In addition to the portability, the fact that they do not require lead shielding in walls is another benefit. […]

5 Tips That Can Be Followed By Physicians To Reduce Radiation Exposure During A Fluoroscopy

When a patient needs minimally invasive procedures to be completed inside the body, the best method to use is fluoroscopy. However, that means that the patient needs to be exposed to radiation. So what are the best ways that medical professionals can follow to reduce the risks of radiation as much as possible? The following […]