Complications Associated with Radiology Equipment

Complications Associated with Radiology Equipment

Today there are extravagant levels of resources pooled in for research to improve the ways of saving lives. Such research is conducted on diseases and advanced medical technology. There are countless lives of medical professionals working tirelessly to cure injured and ill patients. The human body may function as a machine, but it is often unpredictable and complex. In certain situations, the need for treatment exceeds the skills of any medical professional. Therefore as in any industry, in the field of medicine also, there comes the need of specialized equipment such as radiology equipment.

Radiology equipment has its own set of complications such as cost and health hazards. Examples for such cases are the uses scanning equipment such as X-ray, CT, and PET. These machines use ionizing radiation to carry out its tasks. Ionizing radiation is referred to as radiation that is strong enough to covert electrons from atoms or molecules, which is known as ionizing. In general term, ionizing radiation is considered harmful and rather lethal to all living beings even though it is used in radiology as mentioned above. Ionizing radiation primarily has two types of hazards. The first kind is cell destruction or mutation due to radiation burns. Another kind of hazard is diseases such as cancer. Therefore, sufficient caution must be exercised when dealing with such equipment.
Even though many radiology equipment uses ionizing radiation, there are equipment that use alternative ways. Magnetic Resonance Imaging commonly known as MRI is used to obtain images of the human anatomy and the physiological process of the body.

An MRI scanner uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to do its task. It is different from other imaging technologies such as X-rays, CAT and PET scans as it does not use ionizing radiation. MRI is considered as a safer option than X-ray or CT scans as the latter involves radiation hazards. MRI is commonly used in hospitals and clinics for medical diagnosis and staging of a disease. MRI is especially used for this as it does not involve the patient’s exposure to radiation. It is popularly used to detect neurological cancers since it has better resolution than other technologies. MRI scan is also used to evaluate the heart, arteries, spine, liver, etc.

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