What’s Better: VS1 vs. VS2 Diamond Clarity?

Diamond Clarity chart

When selecting a diamond, clarity is a crucial factor. It’s a measure of how clean a diamond is from inclusions and blemishes. Among the various clarity grades, VS1 and VS2 are popular choices. But which is better? This article will explore the differences between VS1 and VS2 diamond clarity, helping you make an informed decision.

Understanding Diamond Clarity

Before comparing VS1 and VS2, let’s understand what diamond clarity is. Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (external imperfections) in a diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamond clarity on a scale from Flawless (FL) to Included (I). VS1 and VS2 fall in the ‘Very Slightly Included’ category, indicating they have minor inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x magnification. Follow us on LinkedIn here.

VS1 Diamonds: A Closer Look

VS1 Clarity

VS1 diamonds are one step above VS2 in the clarity scale. The inclusions in VS1 diamonds are typically not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen under magnification. These inclusions are minor and have minimal impact on the diamond’s overall appearance.

Advantages of VS1 Diamonds

  1. Higher Clarity Grade: VS1 diamonds are considered to have a higher clarity grade, making them a more prestigious choice.
  2. Less Visible Inclusions: Inclusions in VS1 diamonds are less visible, even under magnification, compared to VS2 diamonds.

VS2 Diamonds: An Overview

VS2 Clarity

VS2 diamonds are just below VS1 on the clarity scale. The inclusions in VS2 diamonds are also not typically visible to the naked eye, but they are easier to detect under magnification compared to VS1 diamonds.

Benefits of VS2 Diamonds

  1. More Affordable: VS2 diamonds are generally more affordable than VS1 diamonds, offering a better value for the price.
  2. Good Balance of Quality and Price: VS2 diamonds strike a balance between having minimal visible inclusions and being priced reasonably.

VS1 vs. VS2: Which is Better?

The answer depends on your priorities and budget.

  1. For Higher Clarity Preference: If you prioritize a higher clarity grade and are less concerned about the budget, VS1 is the better choice.
  2. For Budget-Friendly Options: If you’re looking for a diamond that still offers clarity that’s practically as good as VS1 but at a more affordable price, VS2 is a great option.

Considerations Beyond Clarity

Cut and Brilliance

The cut of a diamond significantly affects its appearance. A well-cut diamond can mask some inclusions, making the clarity grade less critical.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of a diamond can influence how visible inclusions are. Larger diamonds or certain shapes might make inclusions more noticeable, necessitating a higher clarity grade.

Personal Preferences

Personal preference plays a significant role. Some may prefer the assurance of a higher clarity grade like VS1, while others may not perceive much difference and opt for the more budget-friendly VS2.


Both VS1 and VS2 diamonds offer excellent choices for those seeking diamonds with minor inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye; read more about this matter written by a gemologist. The choice between VS1 and VS2 clarity primarily comes down to individual preferences and budget. Remember, the beauty of a diamond encompasses many attributes, and clarity is just one of them. Whether you choose VS1 for its slightly superior clarity or VS2 for its better value, your diamond can be a stunning symbol of your cherished moments.

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