Consider these questions before buying a used CT scanner

Is refurbished CT scanners a purchasing option for your facility? Many doctors and practitioners are so content with their OEM purchasing habits that they won’t even consider buying refurbished systems. While this is understood, used and refurbished medical imaging equipment is worth considering for medical practices. What systems do the radiologists in the facility generally […]

Is the 64-slice going to replace the 16-slice CT?

For many years in the market, 16-slice CT scanners have been a popular instrument. These systems were especially used for conducting multiple exams except for cardiac studies. However, with the introduction of refurbished 64-slice CT scanners, there has been a slight change to the system. With the advantage of improved detector capabilities, upward mobility, and […]

Cath Lab inspection

It is often found that interventional equipment inspections are a frequent activity conducted for medical imaging equipment. However, not many people are aware of what a thorough inspection looks like. For medical practitioners to be mindful of the steps conducted by an engineering team for a cath lab inspection, the more significant elements of the […]

How Do You Know When Its Time To Replace Your Medical Imaging Equipment?

When it comes to medical imaging equipment, machines that were once deemed advanced can quickly change and grow obsolete or outdated. Just like any other device, medical imaging equipment also aren’t immune to malfunctioning or breaking down. So how can you know when it’s time to replace the equipment currently being used? The following are […]

5 Steps For Easy Medical Imaging Equipment Relocation

After purchasing the right medical imaging equipment, bringing it into the relevant facility can be difficult. Relocation of medical imaging equipment is another level of hassle. Fortunately, Amber USA has devised the following easy steps to make sure your medical imaging equipment is relocated into its new facility or room smoothly and successfully. Define the […]