Turning Used X-Ray Equipment Into Refurbished X-Ray Equipment

When it comes to using medical imaging equipment for medical facilities, ensuring that the device is safe to use, sterilized, and efficient is essential. Brand new medical imaging equipment is known for being intensely expensive. For that reason, vendors have established a way to ensure that medical institutions are receiving the best devices for 1/8th […]

How Much Does A Portable X-ray Machine Cost

In Intensive Care Units, portable chest x-rays have become one of the most diagnostic exams. The ability of these machines to perform their activities at the bedside of patients is a valuable factor. This especially applies to older folk, military folk, and individuals who prefer a familiar environment. These devices show vital importance, as there […]

Top 3 Used CT Scanners For Sale By Amber USA

CT Scanners are medical imaging equipment which makes use of computer processed combinations of different x-rays. These x-ray images are taken from different angles and then used to create a single cross-sectional picture used by doctors. These scans are known as non-invasive techniques since they do not require the scanned object to be cut open. […]

Obesity May Cause Bone Damage

Obesity in children and adolescent individuals are associated with numerous health risks, many of which include; heart disease and diabetes. New research studies are being conducted to identify how excess weight on individuals could affect bone structure. It is identified that adolescence is the period of an individuals life where the peak bone mass is […]

Used Digital X-ray Machine for Sale by Amber USA.

Digital Radiography (DR) has become increasingly popular in the current age. DR offers multiple advantages over conventional film-based radiography. Because of these advantages, it is easy to see why many hospital industries are making the switch to digital x-ray systems. The equipment used by a medical practitioner shapes the way patients perceive their practices. Today’s […]