X-Ray Technology and How It Works

X-Ray Technology and How It Works

X-rays technology is still being praised to date since the introduction of the first x-ray image issued by the father of radiology himself, Wilhelm Roentgen. Ever since the initial introduction, x-ray technology has developed in medical imaging industry, all the way to the current form of x-rays which is digital x-ray imaging. While x-rays have offered a substantial positive change to the entire medical world, people still aren’t sure how exactly they work.

What is X-ray Technology and How Does It Works?

Let us shed some light on your doubt. In this article, we will discuss the basic construction of x-ray equipment in the market today to help you understand the equipment you use.

Typically, standard x-ray systems have three primary components it is composed of:
• An x-ray tube.
• A high voltage power supply.
• A control unit.

By combining and using these components, a standard x-ray system can be created. These three elements require a source of electrons, acceleration, and a target for interaction. You need to keep in mind that electrical power is an absolute necessity for x-ray image generation.

You might be wondering where the electrons would be coming from. Well, as you are aware that atoms make up all matter, these atoms do have electrons orbiting around the nucleus. What is needed for the process is to get the electron free of its orbit.

The next step would be identifying how these electrons can be accelerated. To do so, we need to propel these electrons at high speed since the energy and transfer depend on the velocity.

The final requirement is to have a target material available so the electrons have something to interact with. By placing a matter between the electrons and the positive charge (anode), our needs can be met.
The anode can also be used as the target. When the electron hits the target multiple things can happen. However, we won’t be diving into that much detail, although this is typically what happens inside the x-ray tube.

As for the high voltage power supply, we can use transformers. Transformers are electromagnetic devices that allow voltages of alternating current to be changed. This means that the voltage can either be increased or decreased accordingly.

The final component as stated is the control unit. Being the third essential component of a standard x-ray system, it is vital to be aware of the energy and intensity of the radiation that is being generated by the system. The three principles of control are to consider current, voltage control, and a timer. The first two are vital in terms of radiation management. The timer is to control the duration of radiation exposure.

Buying X Ray Equipment

We hope this article provided you with the insight you need on how an x-ray system works. Understanding the equipment you work with is essential to operate as carefully and efficiently as possible.

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