How to Purchase Medical Equipment on a Low Budget

How to Purchase Medical Equipment on a Low Budget

With the growing demand for medical facilities around the world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, all the medical service providers are fighting hard 24/7 to equip themselves with as much needed equipment as possible from PPEs, ventilators to high-end CT Scanners which gives a reliable and accurate result.

Radiology and Imaging equipment plays a vital role in diagnosing critical diseases well in advance and preventing them. However, they are not easily affordable items in the market. Proper research should be done on how and where to buy the equipment on the best bet so that you can serve patients better.

Options to Purchase Medical Radiology Equipment on a Low Budget:

Buying medical equipment like MRI Scanners, CT Scan machines, X-Rays, etc. is considered a lifetime investment rather than a mere one-time purchase. Considering the maintenance, replacement of only specific parts, return-on-investment along with the device cost, below are some low budget options to get medical imaging devices.

  • Second-hand or gently used equipment

Large, high range brand new advanced MRI machine can cost up to $3 Million and CT scan machines can cost up to $2.5 Million. In addition to this, there will be $10K to $100K maintenance costs involved. Whereas, you could save several $100K while purchasing pre-owned or refurbished equipment. If you are at the right place, you could get a used MRI or CT scanner for a good price of even $300,000. Several providers offer refurbished radiology equipment that meets OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) guidelines.

  • Replacing only the parts than the entire equipment or Mix n Match

If you are a small establishing medical provider trying to purchase the equipment at the best possible price with better savings, in the long run, analyze the various options or features you would want the equipment to have. Some providers install equipment with only the required features or parts based on your budget and medical needs. They also create blueprints for your requirements to get an idea.

If your existing equipment is malfunctioning and is out of warranty period, it doesn’t mean that the entire device has to be replaced. For example, a problem in the coil or the tube could cause issues with your imaging devices. Try replacing them for few hundreds instead of purchasing the device as a whole.

  • Equipment rentals

If your service is for a short time, e.g., you need radiology devices only during the pandemic or you need mobile devices for a medical camp, or you need scanning services for a limited duration, then consider renting the equipment for the required duration rather than investing too much on owning it.

An average monthly rental cost for CT scan machines could be ranging between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on its purpose, model and brand. If you wanted to rent it for a longer duration, say a year, there are options to avail a discount.

In addition to the leasing cost, you may need to consider the other charges such as installation, de-installation, transportation, maintenance fee, etc. Don’t worry, these costs will be way lesser than owning equipment.

Things to note while buying equipment on a low budget:

  • The company you buy your equipment should be trustworthy. Make sure you go through all the customer reviews.
  • Inspect the equipment thoroughly. Get the operational photos and videos, if possible, visit the location where the device is originally operated and de-installed before it is sent for refurbishment.
  • Check how much the maintenance and support costs are. Few companies may claim to offer the actual equipment at a very low price but their follow-up costs will be way more than the original manufacturer’s repair costs.

Finding a trusted medical equipment seller: 

Amber Diagnostics have 25 years of expertise in buying and selling quality refurbished imaging equipment. They understand how important a patient’s health is, so they make sure that all the equipment they handle is properly inspected and abide by OEM guidelines.

You can be in any part of the world say America, Asia, Europe or anywhere, if you want to purchase or rent medical equipment at the best price without compromising the quality, then Amber Diagnostics is the right place. They have contracts with trusted overseas services so they transport your equipment with at most care.

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