Fertility Clinic Sacramento California | Full-Service Surrogacy Agency in Northern California

Fertility Clinic Sacramento California | Full-Service Surrogacy Agency in Northern California

What is a surrogacy agency and why is it needed?

When couples or parents decide to bring a child through surrogacy, there are different aspects to be considered to undergo a smooth process until delivery. They have to physically, emotionally and mentally prepare themselves. Surrogacy is a lengthy process. From finding a trusted fit surrogate to adopting the child after delivery, the intended parents have to be tension-free and careful while meeting the requirements of the surrogates. Surrogacy involves legal procedures to be followed correctly to obtain parental rights without having to worry about the surrogate mothers claiming rights due to biological or genetic bonding.

A surrogacy agency is an all-in-one solution to meet these requirements. They guide you through the entire process and touch base with all the parties involved to get a fruitful result out of surrogacy without any controversies. Also, one needs professional mental health practitioners to handle the emotional imbalances.

Services offered by surrogacy agency:

Most surrogacy agencies support gestational surrogacy in which the surrogate is not genetically connected to the baby and the egg belongs to the intended parent, as supposed to the traditional surrogacy in which the egg is provided by either the surrogate or other interested woman. This is because, with traditional surrogacy, there are additional emotional and legal barriers to be handled.

Below are the services offered by a surrogacy agency:

  •  Finding a prospective surrogate carrier.
  •  Screening surrogates for physical and mental stability. Criteria include non-smoker, healthy reproductive organs, age factors, etc.
  •  Providing health insurance and better compensation to the surrogates.
  •  Setting up procedures to monitor IVF and embryo transfer process.
  •  Legal counsel service; may include pre-birth order, adoption, etc.
  •  Mentoring parents to prepare themselves to welcome a newborn.
  •  Counselling, guidance and support to surrogate mothers throughout the journey.
  •  Establishing a smooth contract between the surrogate and the intended parents and obtaining parental rights.
  •  Referring the parents or the surrogates to professional they may need during the journey.
  •  Making travel arrangements.

Fertility Clinic Sacramento California and Full-Service Surrogacy Agency in Northern California:

Being the capital of California (a friendly state for surrogacy), Sacramento has made the surrogacy journey easier for the parents and the surrogates without having to go through ethical questions raised by society. Many people have decided to resolve their fertility issues by making use of the services provided by surrogacy agencies in Sacramento California.
These agencies differ in the list of services they provide which fall into two categories: Partial and full-service.

A partial-service agency mainly helps to match a surrogate to the intended parents. It doesn’t offer its legal guidance or support throughout the process; the intended parents have to bring their legal counsel.

Fertility clinic Sacramento California won’t accept couples trying to pursue surrogacy without proper legal counsel. With many surrogacy agencies in Northern California, parents will have a lot of options to choose from. It is always helpful and advisable to choose a full-service surrogacy agency that covers all the services listed in the above bullet points.

Is full-service surrogacy agency a licensed one?

Since surrogacy is booming only for the past few years, there are not many strict laws followed across the world. Luckily, California state has set some standards for healthy surrogacy. A full-service surrogacy agency doesn’t mean that it has obtained a license, it means that it offers a complete service for the surrogates and the intended parents including legal advice and follows all the state-specific standards and laws. A good surrogacy agency will involve only licensed professionals such as health practitioners, attorneys, etc. Intended parents and surrogates should look for those agencies to have a frustration-free process.

Which agency is suitable for you?

Made in the USA Surrogacy agency is a full-service surrogacy agency in Northern California that can connect well-screened surrogates and intended parents and provides end-to-end services. They will guide you through each step of the surrogacy process and can map you to the best fertility clinic in Sacramento California. In addition to Sacramento, this agency extends its services across California in the cities San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, etc. So, intended parents what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the best professionals for you to fulfill your family.