What Roles Does a Surrogate Mother Play in the Process?

What Roles Does a Surrogate Mother Play in the Process?

The right place to be if you want to be a surrogate mother is California. The climate there favors you in every way, including surrogate California laws. For the surrogacy process to work, a surrogate must play her role well. If you want to be a surrogate, make sure you are committed. You are the focal point of this whole process. How well your body responds to the IVF treatments will directly affect the speed and success of the whole process. If you play your roles well, chances are that you will become a happy surrogate mother. The following are your roles:

Prove your ability to become an SM

Some females cannot become successful surrogate mothers in California. The main reason is being unhealthy and unfit to carry a pregnancy to term. Other things that will determine your ability to become an SM include:

• Your location. If you are not a resident of California or the LV (Las Vegas) area, don’t bother applying.
• If you are younger than 21 years or older than 41 years, you cannot be accepted.
• Your height and weight ratio should not exceed 200lbs.
• If you have given birth before, your chances of being chosen are higher
• If you smoke cigarettes, there is no way you can qualify.

Signing of the Surrogate Agreement

The next role of an SM is to sign a Surrogate Agreement that is created by the selected attorney. This is an important dispute resolution tool in any surrogacy processes done in California. The Surrogate Agreement stipulates the responsibilities of the surrogate mother and the intended parent. It reduces misunderstanding between the two parties. For the intended parent, the document shows that they will assume the legal and financial responsibility for the child regardless of its health.

Also, the Surrogate Agreement mandates all parties living with the surrogate to do medical checkups to safeguard the health of the mother and that of the unborn child. Once the attorney drops the document, you should read and understand it. You can do this with an attorney as they understand the legal terms and processes better than you. You must agree to keep the information arising from the process confidential. Once you and your partner agree to sign, your attorney’s role will end.

The In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Process

Another surrogate mother’s role is to agree to an IVF process. The entire process entails IVF plus UET (uterine embryo transfer). It is a reproductive treatment designed for infertile couples across the globe. The embryo will be produced by the intended parents but will be carried by you for 9 months. Generally, the success of the IVF/UET treatment depends on your reproductive health status and the father’s reproductive ability.

This is the toughest role in the entire surrogate California project. Besides being expensive (how much is ivf in California), the process can exhaust you emotionally and physically. As a surrogate you will not bother about the cost of the project; you should focus on you and the unborn baby. The intended parents will meet the cost and you will carry the pregnancy to term. The IVF/UET process consists of five stages including:

• Development of embryo
• Collection of egg or oocyte
• Egg culture and in vitro fertilization
• UET to the intended mother
• Monitoring of the luteal phase and total support.

If the surrogate mother’s system does not respond well to treatment, the doctor will cancel the cycle and begin afresh. If some embryos were frozen and kept during the first attempt, you will have to endure a FET (frozen embryo transfer) process. This could take two more months. If there were no frozen embryos kept from the first IVF treatment, a fresh IVF process will be done. This can take longer than two months and this is why you need to be strong. Note that the repeat process will be paid for as well. If you want to save time, money, and emerge successful, check with the Made in The USA Surrogacy agency as soon as possible.

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