5 Reasons Why it is Better to Work with a Boutique Surrogacy Agency

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Work with a Boutique Surrogacy Agency

Intended parents due to reproductive issues or other personal reasons, opt for third-party reproduction through surrogacy. The surrogacy journey is a lengthy process that starts right from finding the best potential surrogate to legally adopting the baby till post-partum support.

This also requires screening the surrogate for physical and emotional fitness and proper smooth communication throughout the process.

If the surrogate or the donor is a family friend or a relative, then both the parties: intended parents and the surrogate will have proper understanding and they will have an established communication approach to the surrogacy process without any complications. Whereas, if the surrogate is someone contacted via word-of-mouth or online search, it is better to have a proper mediator to discuss everything clearly to avoid unexpected fallbacks, to properly screen her and to give legal counsel/proper guidance whenever needed. This mediator is called a surrogacy agency.

Outstanding Reasons to Work with a Boutique Surrogacy Agency:

If you want to approach an agency, it is better to work with a Boutique surrogacy agency because they are established in a specific locality so they know local surrogacy laws better and they know the best fertility clinics and legal counsel in the locality. Some surrogacy agencies claim to have their roots in California but they may have head quarters in other states and will have branches in California to support surrogacy Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.

Below are some of the top reasons why the intended parents or the surrogate are advised to approach a surrogacy agency:

  • Matching and Proper screening

A surrogacy agency will have properly screened registered surrogates associated with them. They do a complete health checkup to identify any diseases including sexually transmitted diseases, addiction such as alcohol, smoking or drugs and any emotional or mental deviations. They also do a thorough background check and pregnancy history to understand if the surrogates can deliver the baby without any complications. Instead of searching for a surrogate on your own, if you sign up with an agency, they will link you to the best potential surrogates, thereby eliminating all your doubts and you will have peace of mind welcoming the newborn.

  • Legal counsel and Law firm

Not all the intended parents and the surrogate mothers are familiar with the surrogacy laws. Since California has good surrogacy regulations, it is required that the legal representatives or lawyers involved are familiar with the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law.

A surrogacy agency either has its law firm or it can connect you to the best legal counsel in the locality to help you sign a contract with the surrogate, to explain the surrogacy requirements, and to establish adoption pre-birth or after childbirth. They will make sure that the child is properly handed over to the intended parents. 

  • Proper handling of finance and Insurance

If you obtain the help of a surrogacy agency to guide you through the entire surrogacy process, there may be an agency fee involved. This fee will not be there if you opt for surrogacy on your own. Suppose there are any medical issues or unexpected denial of services from surrogates, you will have to spend extra to solve those situations. The cost involved to handle those problems is way more than the fee you will pay for the agency services.

A surrogacy agency sensibly handles all your money. You will pay the entire surrogacy expenditure to the agency. They will distribute your money properly to meet the financial requirements of medical providers, gestational surrogate fee, legal parties, etc. They will also help you with the insurance coverage for the surrogate mother and the newborn.

  • Coordinating with the medical providers and linking other professionals

Opting for the services of a boutique surrogacy agency not only assists you in finding the best legal party but also linking you to the best nursing service, healthcare providers, IVF centers. They will find the right licensed and registered professionals on behalf of you.

  • Counselling, mediation and support

A boutique surrogacy agency will ensure that proper communication is carried out among the involved parties. They will also make travel arrangements for the intended parents to meet the surrogate before, during or after the pregnancy.

They provide counselling services to both the intended parents and the surrogates to make proper decisions and to eradicate any fear or anxiety that you have while approaching the surrogacy process. They provide all the necessary support you may require during the journey.

Best Boutique Surrogacy Agency in California:

Made in the USA Surrogacy Agency is established in California, they know all the local laws and regulations and they have several branches to satisfy your surrogacy needs. They provide you end-to-end support for surrogacy Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Bay Area, central and Northern California. They have the best Surrogacy compensation and the best affordable surrogacy services.

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