How To Become A Surrogate Mother In California

How To Become A Surrogate Mother In California

Some women have a need to help others. When they hear that a couple cannot have their own children, they consider assisting them in creating a family. They become surrogates. The couple uses their egg and sperm to create an embryo that is put into the surrogate’s womb. She will carry the baby to term.

This article will give women the information that they need to know on “How to Become a Surrogate Mother in California“. They will need to follow all of the instructions precisely to be considered.

How To Become A Surrogate Mother In California

If a woman wants to become a surrogate mother in California, she most likely knows quite a bit about it. She will need to find a good company that deals with surrogacy in the area. Made in the USA Surrogacy is one such company. The woman will need to contact them in order to apply to become a surrogate.

What Are The Qualifications A Woman Must Have To Become A Surrogate Mother In California?

There are a number of qualifications that a woman must have if they are going to become a surrogate mother in California. Some of them include:

  • Non-smoker and No Second-Hand Smoke
  • She Must Have Had One Pregnancy To Term
  • Have Health Insurance
  • Background Check

The Application Process For A Surrogate Mother

The application process for becoming a surrogate is very involved. It has to be because this woman will be carrying a child in their body for a couple that intends to be parents. The woman that wants to be a surrogate will need to follow all the protocols that go along with the application process in all ways. It’s the only way that they will be considered for a spot as a surrogate.

  • Application Online With The Company
  • Official Application With The Company
  • Screening Process

Compensation For Being A Surrogate Mother In California

In the state of California, surrogates will receive a base pay of $40,000. It will go up from there depending on the situation. They will also receive a great benefits package since their life will change dramatically when they are carrying a baby for the intended parents.

Made In The USA Surrogacy

Made in the USA Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy company. They are in business to match surrogates with intended parents. The owner, Samantha was herself a surrogate. She helped a couple that had one embryo left to be able to start a family of their own. That is how the company started and they have been matching surrogates with intended parents ever since.

It’s a company that has a lot of great team members working for them. They all are united in the quest for allowing surrogates to help intended parents. They will be there for both parties so that they have the support that they need throughout the process.

Great Customer Service

Made in the USA Surrogacy has great customer service, If a surrogate has any questions, they will be able to receive the answers that they need to make sure that they are getting the right information. Should they have any problems or issues, the team members at the company will handle them completely. They want to make sure that the surrogates are taken care of well.

The company takes great pride in knowing that they treat surrogates very well. They want them to be happy and healthy so that they can give the intended parents a great child. 

In Conclusion

Surrogates are paid a base of $40,000 plus benefits. They are treated well because of the sacrifices that they do in order to bring a child into the world for the intended parents.

The woman that becomes a surrogate is a very special person. They want to help other people and in this way, they can. She feels that by giving the intended parents a child to raise that she has done something extremely special for another person.

A woman that wants to be a surrogate mother must realize that the process is difficult. It will be a journey that she will not be alone on. There will be so much support for her from the company so that everything can go as smoothly as possible. 

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