Becoming a Surrogate Mother California

Becoming a Surrogate Mother California

For a couple to want a child and not be able to have one can be the most heart-breaking things in the world. There can be many reasons for this, but at times it will be the woman’s inability to carry a child. In certain cases, it will be a male same sex couple who wish to be parents but for biological reasons are not able to. Under such circumstances, a third party needs to be brought in and they become the surrogate mother California.

Thinking about Becoming a Surrogate Mother California

It is a beautiful thing to be able to give the couple a child. It takes a strong and caring individual. If you feel that you can help, there is a way to do it. In California there is an agency that will help bring a couple and a surrogate together. Made in the USA Surrogacy will be the perfect place to start. They certainly live up to their strapline “making family possible.” Once you register you are on the way to making dreams come true.

The purpose of the agency is to ensure that the person who wishes to be a surrogate mother California is a suitable candidate. There are reasons that may prevent acceptance. The reasons can include age, medical reasons, and concerns over coping with giving up the child. The next step is to find the right surrogate for a couple. Once this happens and the journey begins, there will be 24 hour a day support. This will cover all aspects of the event and bring in people such as psychologist, legal professionals, and physicians.

Understanding Surrogacy

In short, surrogacy is an agreement by a woman to give birth to a child for others. There are a few ways to do it but her it is gestational surrogacy that takes place. Here there is no biological link between the baby and surrogate. It will be egg and sperm from the couple or from a third party. IVF is used to create the embryo, and this involves joining the egg and sperm outside the body and then it being implanted to the surrogate.

Potential Surrogate Worries

When considering your suitability to become a surrogate, there are bound to be lots of questions. This can range from wondering what would make the agency reject your application, to how you manage throughout the pregnancy and following few months. Finances and health care are bound to be top of the list. The good news is that there is a payment and as it can be $40,000, there is no need to worry about paying the bills during this time. When it comes to health concerns, there is a great health care package included.

Time to Apply in California

Now that you have decided that this is something you want to do, you need to check you fit the criteria. The following conditions must be met.

• The first thing is that you must live in a state that allows surrogacy.
• Age is important and you must be aged between 21 and 38 years of age
• You have to be an American citizen.
• You must have had at least one pregnancy and not have had any complications – 1 c section is acceptable but no more.
• Weight is checked and your BMI should be under 30.
• Mental health is clearly an important issue as there should not be any depression or anxiety medication taken.
• Smoking is forbidden and this includes vaping. It also applies to people you live with or may be in close contact with.
• There will also be a financial check, as the payment should not be the main reason for doing this.

If you are still interested and feel that you are a good fit for the role, then it is time to get in touch with Made in the USA Surrogacy. They will take good care of you and ensure it is an enjoyable experience. You can trust that they understand the needs of the surrogate and soon to be parents.