Where to Find The Best Second Hand Medical Equipment Mobile Systems

Where to Find The Best Second Hand Medical Equipment Mobile Systems

Mobile c-arm fluoroscopic x-ray systems have become incredibly popular for their diagnostic imaging abilities and minimally invasive procedures for surgeries. In an operating room, these devices can be used for the visualization of kidney drainage and multiple other internal observation procedures. The newest addition to the C-arm category is the mini c-arm. These devices are smaller versions of regular c-arms used for sports medicine, podiatric imaging, and orthopedic procedures.

While c-arms are one of the most efficient forms of fluoroscopy systems in the current market, there are only a handful of companies that issue the best c-arm devices in the US. This includes GE, OEC, Philips, and Siemens.
On the newer versions of mobile C-arm systems, it was found that some prominent features included 3D navigation systems and improved image processing which allowed for better image quality in the system’s capabilities.

In some cases, systems offer different technologies to try reducing the dose of radiation delivered to patients who make use of these systems. Other features provided by c-arms include touch-screen interfaces, aiming guides using lasers, procedure road mapping which allows the planning of vascular procedures to be done with minimal amounts of contrast media and less time taken for fluoroscopies.

A few of the different types of c-arms include:

Flat panel systems.

While the majority of the mobile c-arm systems use imagine intensifiers with a charge-coupled device camera, better improvements have been introduced. The first digital flat panel detector was introduced by Ziehm with a vision FD flat panel detector mobile c-arm. Multiple manufacturers have stated that the flat panel detectors have offered a better quality of images and make use of smaller systems that take up less room in the Operating Room. These systems also provide a better field of view. The advantage of these larger fields of views is that it is unaffected by geometrical distortions. Additionally, the detector in these devices isn’t affected by magnetic distortions so the device can be positioned freely.

An option that is less expensive for hybrid Operating Rooms.

Whether it is new or second hand medical equipment, High-quality imaging equipment are a key component in planning for hybrid operating rooms. Because of this, large top-quality systems are typically considered for the creation of these rooms. This is because the imaging quality is generally better in those systems. However, advances in technology through x-ray detector systems have greatly improved mobile x-arm technology capabilities over the years.

C-arm tables.

C-arm devices require specific tables designed for x-ray imaging. The tables designed for these devices should allow the positioning of the c-arm around the patient to be free. Some of the tables designed for the c-arm devices are constructed in a manner which allows better patient access by practitioners while providing improved imaging angles of the patient. These c-arm tables should also be translucent, so they don’t interfere with the x-ray imaging procedures. Generally, for this role, carbon fiber tables are used for strength and lightweight.

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