Top Issue Tracking Software for Businesses in 2021

Support roles that are customer-facing need to be filled by individuals who are well organized. Requests for help can come thick and fast with little time to rest. Issue tracking software is needed as it helps support staff deal with their workload. It is going to be vital that they can access issue management software to enable them to cope.

Understanding issue tracking software

Once installed, this customer service tool can track support cases in their entirety. It records the process and alerts support staff of customer ticket updates. Deadlines will not be missed or customers neglected. Support staff can identify problems and sometimes the system itself.

Important features

• Customers want to contact support in ways best for them. This could be by phone, email, or online forms. Some may also want a live chat or social media contact.
• It needs to work with other applications. This way, it will be easy to access information.
• There is the ability for two or more people to work on the system at once. This cuts waiting time and allows colleagues to discuss issues.
• The app can do jobs that humans normally do. Reply with answers to easy questions and identify the order work needs to be done.
• A ticketing system allows work to be tracked.
• A reporting process will be needed to allow tracking to take place
• Feedback request – all answers will help develop future processes and make customers feel valued.

Finding the top issue management software

Now that you know what to expect from the systems, you need to decide which one to use. By understanding what each system does, you can decide on the best one for your business. A few examples include:

CaWeb Corrective Action Software and Issue Management Software

This is the top issue management tool for you. It is a solution to all the issues your organization is having difficulties solving. CaWeb can help your company identify any issue, select team members, and carry out actions to control and resolve those issues. If you want to deliver quick problem solutions and stop recurrence, the CaWeb Corrective Action Software is all you need. The tool can enhance collaboration among team members, remove unnecessary meetings, and catch employees who are responsible for the occurrence of some issues.


This has so many of the facilities you will need. There are a help desk and a ticketing system. It gives you the ability to record the problems customers have and organize them according to the need to resolve the problem. Once that is done, you can track them and never miss a problem that occurs. To keep customers happy, you can track the work and update them accordingly. They can be contacted how they choose, and you will never miss a notification from them.

Zoho BugTracker

There is no charge for this as of 2021, and yet it does a lot of the same things as HubSpot. There is the ability for work to be prioritized and new work to be logged. Staff will be informed if new problems are reported so can acknowledge receipt of them. There are a couple of ways that it can be customized. Firstly to suit the way your staff work, and secondly to allow customers to receive support the way they want it.

Happy Fox

If you want to arrange tickets in a variety of ways, then Happy Fox is the issue management software for you. It organizes them by urgency, what category they fall into, and progress. All tasks that are repetitive are streamlined. This covers the assignation of new cases and when tickets are updated. Feedback is important and can be collected through reports and metrics. It acts like an online forum and alerts staff to customers who require more information and updates.

By now, it should be clear that you need some form of issue tracking software. The big question is going to be which one. As all will have different ways of working and cost varying amounts, you need to check through them and see what suits you best. You can compare them and check things such as price, ease of use and the amount of time it can save you and your staff. The winner should be Harrington Group International’s issue management software.