Obesity May Cause Bone Damage

Obesity in children and adolescent individuals are associated with numerous health risks, many of which include; heart disease and diabetes. New research studies are being conducted to identify how excess weight on individuals could affect bone structure.

It is identified that adolescence is the period of an individuals life where the peak bone mass is acquired. So bone loss during this period would become a serious issue. Multiple other chronic disorders may lead to bone loss suffered by adolescents worldwide. This includes anorexia nervosa, along with other induced disorders such as bulimia nervosa – which also contributes to a significant amount of bone loss.

There are multiple mechanisms by which fat would exert a significant amount of adverse effects on bones. Visceral fat is a type of fat which secretes substances that promote the chronic inflammation. This then stimulates the formation of osteoclasts which are the cells that would break-down bone. Additionally, vitamin D which is vital for bone health may get trapped within fat cells.

This disorder could have an increased fracture risk and adds on in the early to later years of adulthood even after the normalization of an individual’s body. For this reason, it is vital to ensure this problem has been addressed at its earliest.

In order to be able to monitor and be able to treat these issues at best and as quickly as possible, being able to detect the exact problem initially would contribute significantly to make sure adolescents are diagnosed correctly.

The Hologic bone density machine allows the detection and scanning of the entire anatomy of an individuals body to identify, monitor, and provide the opportunity to treat many diseases and disorders that may be faced by individuals.

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