Methods Of CT For Pancreatic Cancer Detection

Considering a CT scan is usually the best initial test to take when discussing the possibility of cancers such as pancreatic. This technique is one of the single most useful medical imaging techniques available in the industry. Since the use of a CT scan would be able to visualize all of the internal organs, it is also incredibly useful in the detection of cancer cells to the liver or lymph nodes near the organs.

A CT scan is typically performed for the monitoring of patients after treatments in order to determine if specific cancer has recurred or is changing in its size. There are multiple different variations in CT scanning techniques.

Conventional CT.

This technique is generated through the direction of an x-ray beam in multiple angles and levels in the abdomen. Contrast dye helps the x-ray films get developed. A computer then creates the x-ray information and produces the images.

Dual Phase CT.

This process accounts for the multiple different optimal scanning times of the pancreas and liver. This usually is two conventional CT scanning procedures synced with optimal time for the dye.

Spiral CT.

Most accurate and recently developed method. In this process, the x-ray beam remains and continuously rotates around the patient while the patient moves through. This efficient technique reduces scanning time and results in 3-D rather than 2-D imaging created by the conventional method.

The accuracy can be narrowed down to:
  • Conventional CT would be able to show 9/10 pancreatic cancers.
  • A significant limitation of CT scanners was the resolution. However, the Dual Phase and Spiral methods allowed better detection.
  • In conventional scans, there is a possibility of the dye wearing off before the scanning is complete.
  • The time for image development could differ for liver and pancreas.

While technologies are evolving significantly, one of the best medical advancements was the development of CT scanning in the medical industry. Some of the best modifications allow better scanning, detection, and observation of individual bodies with high-quality results.

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