Do You Have Keloids ?

Keloids can be described, as a type of raised scar. It happens when the skin of an individual has healed after an injury. These forms of scars can grow to be much larger than the original scar.

Any injury that causes a scar can cause a keloid to develop. This includes burns, cuts, or even having severe acne on the skin. They can also develop on the skin of an individual who gets body piercings, tattoos, or even surgery. Keloids can even develop after 3+ months of the skin being injured. Some forms of keloids can grow for multiple years even.

A few characteristics of keloids include:

• Developing and growing slowly.

It can take as long as three months before the first sign of a keloid can be visible. It would then take weeks or months for it to grow. In some cases, these scars can grow slowly for many years.

• Raised, pink, red, or purple scar.

For a keloid, the color of the scar tends to darken over time. It usually becomes darker than an individual’s skin that gets a keloid. The border of the keloid ends up being darker than the center of it.

• A different feeling than the skin that surrounds the keloid.

In some cases, keloids are soft and dough like. Other keloids are ordinarily rubbery and hard.

• May cause pain, itchiness, irritation, or tenderness.

When keloids grow, they may be itchy, tender, or painful when touching it. The symptoms of the keloid typically stop once the keloid stops growing on the skin of an individual.

Keloids can develop on any part of the body. However, they are more commonly found on the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and ears.
While keloids are harmless, they may cause concern due to its unappealing nature.

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