23 Tips Recommended By Doctors For Anti-aging

Most people would give anything to be young again. Unfortunately, there’s only little that can be done to stop the aging process in its track. Although there’s no permanent way to stop the aging process, there are a few things to visibly slow it down.

Everyday people engage in habits that make the skin and overall health suffer – which results in visible aging in the process. From the food consumed on a daily basis to the way people wash their faces. While these factors seem minor, these are the decisions that can end up making people look older than their actual age in the long run.

So what could be the ultimate solution? Although people can only dream of an anti-aging potion to help make people youthful, there are other ways.
The following are 23 anti-aging tips approved by doctors:

  1. Using vitamin A daily.
  2. Avoiding excess weight gain.
  3. Skipping too much sugar.
  4. Staying hydrated.
  5. Skipping all-nighters.
  6. Avoid sun damage.
  7. Washing after a workout.
  8. Skipping smoking.
  9. Develop a proper skin care routine.
  10. Avoid tanning.
  11. Consume Omega-3s
  12. Consume more antioxidants.
  13. Take cool showers.
  14. Take healthy oils.
  15. Try to avoid taking on too much stress.
  16. Try to consume healthy fatty foods.
  17. Prioritize gut health.
  18. Try to stop inflammation before happening.
  19. Use a humidifier to relax the skin.
  20. Increase your vitamin C intake.
  21. Use sunscreen when out in the sun.
  22. Pay attention to and take care of the skin on your neck.
  23. Don’t believe in the hype about anti-aging products.

There can be multiple ways recommended by your doctor to ensure that your skin is adequately cared for. However, if you’re looking for other options for anti-aging, the right dermatologist in The Villages FL might be able to help. Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is one of the best skin care specialists in the state and ensures all patients receive the care and treatment they need for an improved feel and look!