Importance Of Timely Skin Check-Ups

Besides wearing sunscreen, a visit to the dermatologist The Villages annually is one of the best ways to take care of one’s skin health. Unfortunately, the number of people with skin cancer is increasing every year with a diagnosis of 3.5 million in the United States alone. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, and the number of women being diagnosed under the age of 40 has doubled over the last 30 years.

Melanoma is one of the leading forms of skin cancer death in women below age 30. However, if skin cancer is detected early enough, there is a 98% chance that it can be cured. Therefore, the annual skin check can actually save a person’s life.

During the checkup, there are certain hidden areas in the body that only the trained eye of a dermatologist can detect and these includes:

  • The scalp.
  • Inside the ears.
  • Between toes.
  • Between butt cheeks.
  • The back of the legs.

People who have more melanin in their skin are less likely to experience skin cancer since melanin acts as a form of protection. However, all skin types and people of all ethnicities CAN experience melanoma. For patients with darker skin, specialists usually focus on:

  • Fingernails.
  • Toenails.
  • Palms of the hands.
  • Soles of the feet.

Regular skin checks are highly recommended in addition to the annual visit to a doctor. People who have an increased number of moles and freckles have a higher chance of melanoma. However, not every mole or freckle is likely to become skin cancer. This is the main reason to visit a skin specialist. An experienced dermatologist would be able to tell if a mole or freckle is cancerous or has the potential to put a person at risk of skin cancer.

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