Circumstances That Require Evaluation Of Mammography Equipment.

It is stated that 1 in 9 women will face breast cancer at some point in their lives with a result of 1 in 30 women dying. Mammography equipment is considered a crucial part of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Accurate diagnosis would become far-fetched if the scanning equipment are not well maintained and are not up to standard. According to studies conducted, it has been stated that around 50% of purchased MRI scanners that are currently being installed have to be replaced within 11 years. However since imaging equipment is always changing, these statistics beg to differ. So how can you know when to evaluate your mammography equipment?

So under what circumstances should your equipment be evaluated?

Typically, there are two circumstances where equipment should be checked: (1) The traditional annual survey and evaluation of mammography equipment as a result of various circumstances. (2) During any changes, adjustments, or repair that should be made to the equipment.

However, the general rule is that the evaluation of mammography equipment should be conducted when:

  • A new unit or processor is installed.
  • A unit or processor has been disassembled and reassembled at a new location or the same location.
  • A major component of the mammography unit or processor is changed or repaired.

Examples of major changes or repair include the replacement of an x-ray tube/filter, collimator, and AEC unit/sensor or a total processor overhaul.

This evaluation is necessary to verify that all the affected functions of the mammography unit have been restored in the right way whether a full survey had been done recently or not. The FDA also considers software changes and upgrades as major repairs and therefore requires evaluation.

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