5 Skin Care Habits That Can Worsen Your Acne.

When trying to treat acne, there are a variety of factors that go into the determination of effectively doing so. Sometimes, certain skin care routines could be to blame for having a negative impact instead of the expected positive one. The following are five skin care habits that can worsen acne.

  1. Trying new acne treatments every week.
    This approach may irritate the skin which can, in turn, result in more breakouts than before. Instead, more time should be given to an acne treatment for it to work. It would typically take around 6-8 weeks for a particular treatment to show results.
  2. Apply the medication to only the blemishes.
    While it does make sense to want to treat what is prominently showing, this approach can fail to prevent new breakouts. Instead, try evenly spreading out the acne medication over the entire surface of the acne prone skin.
  3. Use makeup on top of acne.
    Using makeup on acne may simply aggravate it instead of cover it up. Instead, if you do need to use makeup, use makeup that is labeled “non-comedogenic” or makeup that won’t clog pores. These products typically don’t cause breakouts.
  4. Sleep in your makeup.
    Even non-comedogenic makeup can cause acne if a person sleeps in it. Instead, remove makeup before going to bed and make sure the skin is fresh and hydrated.
  5. Popping or squeezing breakouts.
    Popping acne breakouts can cause bacteria and pus to be driven further into the skin. This may cause inflammation which can lead to more noticeable acne and sometimes scarring and pain. Instead, try to consult your skin care specialist and obtain medication to treat the acne as best you could.

While these remedies may be helpful for some, acne sometimes tends to persist. A visit to the right dermatologist Leesburg can help reduce inflammation and help prevent acne from further spreading. Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is one of the best skin care expert institutes in town that specializes in acne treatment and tends to a variety of other skin care needs. Contact Dr. Gurgen now to book an appointment!