C-Arm Imaging For Veterinary Practices

C-arm has become one of the most useful tools for animal treatments at present. Although it may seem like smaller medical facilities for animals may not be able to afford a C-arm, there is actually plenty of used and refurbished equipment in the market that can be purchased at a lesser price. Even if there is limited space in a medical facility, there should be a C-arm available for all practices defined for working for specified working spaces.

New devices may seem like a good start, however, used and refurbished medical equipment still lets practitioners offer patients with quality diagnosis procedures while being cost-efficient.

C-arm devices are perfect for medical diagnosis and can even be used for surgeries. It allows specific body parts to be captured in motion through a unique technique known as fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is mostly used for:

  • Urethral stent placements.
  • Minimally invasive repairs for fractures.
  • Dynamic airway examinations.
  • Pacemaker implantations.
  • Pulmonic stenosis balloon valvuloplasty.
  • And much more.

Additionally, C-arm procedures can also reduce the period for when a patient is under anesthesia and can shorten the time needed for recovery.

The different C-arm options available for veterinarians to use include:
  • The Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm.
    This device offers solid image clarity and versatility. It is perfect for busy vet offices.
  • GE 9800 and OEC 9800 C-arm.
    Premium performance is guaranteed as well as decades of service.
  • GE 9900 and OEC 9900 C-arm.
    This device replaces the 9800 and can be a little more expensive. However, it has a stronger generator, flat screen monitors, and even a USB port available for obtaining the images to go.
  • Siemens Compact L C-Arm.
    This device is a small portable machine that delivers quality images and ultimate maneuverability. It is perfect for smaller animals like cats and dogs.

These devices are merely a few of the many C-Arms in the market. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality used c arm machine, Amber USA is the right choice. Amber USA is a well-reputed firm known for issuing some of the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment in the market today. Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!