5 Tips That Can Be Followed By Physicians To Reduce Radiation Exposure During A Fluoroscopy

When a patient needs minimally invasive procedures to be completed inside the body, the best method to use is fluoroscopy. However, that means that the patient needs to be exposed to radiation. So what are the best ways that medical professionals can follow to reduce the risks of radiation as much as possible? The following are six considerations when performing fluoroscopic procedures.

  1. Talk to the patient about the risk of radiation.
    It is vital for patients to have a thorough understanding of what radiation is, the radiation dose patients are exposed to, and the risks of radiation on the body. This includes damage to DNA.
  2. Try reducing the amount of radiation patients are exposed to.
    It is quite evident that physicians can’t shield patients entirely from radiation. However, the amount of exposure can be minimized by adjusting the exposure time.
  3. Adjust the distance.
    The patient’s exposure to radiation depends significantly on how close the patient is to the x-ray tube. Physicians can try to place the patient as far away as possible from the x-ray tube. The adequate distance should be around 12-15 inches.
  4. Shorten the time consumed to conduct a fluoroscopy.
    By intermitting fluoroscopy in combination with image holding, the amount of radiation can be reduced.
  5. Remove unauthorized personnel from being present during the fluoroscopy.
    The only person that needs to be present during the fluoroscopy besides the patient should be the trained professional performing the procedure.

While all the above-mentioned facts can prevent the patients from too much radiation exposure, making sure that the equipment used for the procedure is in alignment and working properly is also essential to secure the safety of the patients. For patient safety and effective results to be guaranteed, the right equipment should be used and purchased in a medical facility. If you’re looking for a high-quality used and refurbished c arm machines, x-ray machines MRI machines or any other type of medical imaging equipment, Amber USA is the place for you. Amber USA has a long-standing reputation for issuing the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment at the best prices in the market. Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!