Are X-Ray Reimbursements Decreasing?

Are X-Ray Reimbursements Decreasing?

X-ray technology was introduced and provided to the world all thanks to the father of radiology – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. However, one thing you may not be aware of is that despite the incredible versatility of x-ray technology, the x-ray was invented unintentionally. However, the medical and scientific community of the world will forever be indebted to the unintentional discovery of the X-Ray made by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895.

Once the father of radiology made the discovery, Röntgen needed to test out his newfound theory. With the help of his wife, he then produced the first ever x-ray photo. The captured image of his wife’s hand was then declared the first ever Röntgenogram or “X-ray” image. With that being said, x-ray technology then developed so far as much to save countless lives with its use.

X-rays have become so valuable over the years. With that, medical facilities have gained significant reimbursements for merely being able to provide x-ray services. So you may be wondering why x-ray reimbursements are on the verge of declining. Firstly, every medical facility is aware of the changes that are affecting the reimbursements of medical imaging. The changes actually started off recently. It began when The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 began to affect the payments for medical imaging studies in the year 2018.

In a nutshell, we found, through research, that Medicare payments began its reduction by 20%. This decision was established for providers that sent in claims for analog x-ray studies in 2017. By the year 2018, imaging studies conducted for CR equipment dropped by 7% for the next five years. Further to that, payments will then be reduced by 10%. It was found that over 8,000 CR systems are still currently in active use in the United States and unless these systems were replaced with DR equipment, the reimbursements will further be reduced.

If you are in ownership of CR equipment, you may have to be faced with the decision to either spend the money to upgrade the CR equipment to DR equipment or you may have to live with the 7 to 10% reimbursement reduction. While it does seem like a big decision to make, you should keep in mind that there are various advantages to upgrading your CR equipment to DR. A few of the standard benefits include improved workflow, increased efficiency, and a lower dose of radiation. Additionally, Digital Radiology equipment provides the possibility to lower the cost of each procedure by allowing higher throughput in medical imaging centers.

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