The Best MRI Machine in the Market 2021

The Best MRI Machine in the Market 2021

MRI equipment has been around for a long time and dates back all the way to the mid-70s. MRI machines make use of powerful magnets that produce a magnetic field to align the protons in the body with the field. The time taken for the protons in the body to realign with the magnetic field and the amount of energy released may change depending on the chemical nature of the molecules and the environment. Through MRI technology, physicians are offered the ability to differentiate between a variety of tissues in the body based on the magnetic properties.

Technological improvements in MRI technology.

Scientists initially believed that the 0.5T MRI would be the maximum possible strength an MRI could use. However, over the years we have found that MRI technology was able to evolve to 1.5T to 3T and currently even 7T. However, the advancement from 3T to 7T did cause certain side effects including dizziness, and vertigo as patients move into and out of the machine. It was also observed that some patients tasted metal and saw white flashes. The most significant cause for concern found while using 7T scanners was the involuntary movements inside the skull and of the brain. While there were significant side effects observed in using 7T, the images produced were able to reveal details as small as 1 millimeter. Additionally, all aspects of the brain could also be seen without having to open up the brain.

Currently, however, the most robust MRI equipment in the world has offered expansion to patient medical imagery even further than the current standard. Research was conducted to develop an MRI machine with a 10.5T magnet. The magnet is incredibly dense and is 50% stronger than the current strongest magnet approved to be used in a clinical aspect. The price of this device goes up to 14 million USD and has a tube that is around four meters long and surrounded by 110 tons of magnet which is then shielded by 600 tons of iron shielding. The new development is an exciting technological advancement for the medical imaging industry using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The device also has a precise enough resolution to reveal every detail of cartilage in the body.

While this advancement is known for being one of the best and still needs approval for clinical trials, there is another MRI scanner that is even more powerful than that. However, this device is prohibited to be used on humans. It can, however, be used on small animal testing. This MRI technology uses a 21.1T magnet. And the amount of heat generated from this machine can be problematic. It could also damage DNA and stimulate peripheral nerves. Although, these downfalls haven’t been experienced yet. While the highest strength of MRI machines is still being experimented with, the future of these equipment looks bright and may be able to provide improved diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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