Why The Time Is Right To Switch To DR X Ray Machines

As is with everything, the medical imaging technology too keeps advancing for the better. If you take a look back to the days when medical imaging was first carried out using x-rays, you’ll realize how far we’ve come. While unrestrained use and high doses of x-rays even led to health complications in medical professionals those days, that is not so anymore. The radiation doses required have dropped drastically over the years.

While screen-film radiography is already behind us, today, many facilities are upgrading to Digital Radiography (DR). This is why the time is already ripe for you to switch to DR too. Even the government has taken steps to motivate facilities to switch from Computed Radiography (CR) to DR ASAP. The Medicare Reimbursements for CR X-rays dropped by 7% starting from 2018. And it won’t stop there. A 10% reduction is expected by 2023. So the time is now or never.

DR is the preferred choice by many not just because of the government’s incentives. But mainly because of the higher throughput and better dose efficiency. The super-fast image processing cycle of DR makes it the obvious choice over the CR. Images can take as little as just five seconds to appear. This means more images within a given amount of time. Facilitating higher throughput. With DR, medical imaging facilities can serve a higher number of patients within the same amount of time.

Not just that. The higher dose efficiency of DR is another reason why that is the better choice. The same image quality as CR can be obtained with a much less dose, or better image quality can be gained with the same dose as CR. All in all, DR is considered by many as the better choice, and it might now be evident to you as to why.

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