5 Steps For Easy Medical Imaging Equipment Relocation

used portable digital x ray machine

After purchasing the right medical imaging equipment, bringing it into the relevant facility can be difficult. Relocation of medical imaging equipment is another level of hassle. Fortunately, Amber USA has devised the following easy steps to make sure your medical imaging equipment is relocated into its new facility or room smoothly and successfully.

  1. Define the site plans and measurements.
    Medical imaging equipment is known for being hefty and expensive. Because of that, medical practitioners would want to make sure their equipment would fit through the doors and around the corners easily. It is essential to make sure the new room is strong enough to hold the equipment, and the electrical outlet can support the use of the machine in the new location. Additionally, metal plates or rails may need to be installed for effective relocation.
  2. Having a plan in case of downtime.
    When the equipment has to be relocated out of its current surrounding and into the new destination, alter work may need to be ceased in the surrounding area. Planning for the downtime can help make sure patients’ needs are still catered to expertly.A
  3. Consider the re-installation timeline.
    The re-installation of the mechanical aspect of the machine can take up to five days. That’s why it is essential to make sure the final destination of the equipment is ready for the move. Establishing a timeline can ensure that all the pieces of the movement fall into the right places.
  4. Consider calibration.
    Medical imaging equipment is incredibly sensitive and requires the need for an experienced technician. The re-installation process should consider calibration is where it should be for that modality.

If you’re looking for any assistance regarding matters related your medical imaging equipment, whether it be purchasing or any other additional service, the best service can be obtained at Amber USA. In addition to optimal service, Amber USA also issues a variety of high-quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to purchase a used portable digital x ray machine, CT scanner, MRI machine, or more, Amber USA has it all. Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!

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