Paternity And Child Support

Paternity can be described as the legal relationship between a father and his child. When parents get married and have a child, automatically the husband becomes the legal father of the child. The father will then have legal rights to custody of the child. Additionally, the father would also then have the rights to enroll the child in school, travel, and have access to medical records.

However, when individuals aren’t married and have a child together, where a DNA test proves the the father of the child, legal custodial rights don’t arise automatically. However, a judge can order the father to pay child support.

If the father’s paternity rights have been established, there may be a chance the father would have to pay an amount for child support. This is usually done on a monthly basis. All courts will generally calculate the child support amount based on the income of the parents.

It is essential to remember that a child support order doesn’t automatically grant custody and visitation rights to the father.

If a father is wishing to obtain legal rights to his child and have visitation time with the child, they would have to file a separate action. Rules on obtaining custody and visitation rights may vary from each state. For that reason, consulting the best possible child support lawyers in Orlando FL is vital to achieving the right amount of advice necessary.

It is essential to keep in mind that the courts don’t automatically grand custodial or visitation rights just because the paternity of the father has been established. The way the courts make the decision on the father’s rights for the child is determined through the identification of what is in the best interest of the child.

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