How Much Does A Portable X-ray Machine Cost

In Intensive Care Units, portable chest x-rays have become one of the most diagnostic exams. The ability of these machines to perform their activities at the bedside of patients is a valuable factor. This especially applies to older folk, military folk, and individuals who prefer a familiar environment. These devices show vital importance, as there is clear clinical evidence that displays these new advances in portable digital radiography allow mobile x-ray examinations to be taken in almost half the time it previously required for computed radiography and older film-based systems.

The most significant change to be noticed in these digital x-ray systems is that there is a substantial reduction in radiation dose. Studies concluded that for newer technology, there is a 30 to 50 percent reduction in radiation to benefit patients.

However, when it comes to pricing, for a portable x-ray machine, each system varies. The variation depends on:

- The technology segment.
- The power ratings.
- The size of the flat panel associated with the system.
- And a little less significant factor – the brand.

It can generally be stated that for digital portable x-ray units, they can run around 125,000 USD to 235,000 USD depending on the factors mentioned above for pricing varieties.

X ray Machines for Sale

Purchasing medical imaging equipment can be incredibly expensive. For that reason, used and refurbished equipment is becoming popular. Refurbished equipment is growing in the medical industry considering it is merely just a fraction of the cost of what a brand new system would be while offering optimal services if the right system has been chosen.

Once it has been decided that refurbished equipment is the way to go, selecting the right vendor should be the next option. This is a critical factor to consider to achieve the right piece of equipment perfect for the facility.

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