Grounds For Divorce: Has Your Spouse Been Imprisoned?

Typically, most marriages are thought to be a day of romance where two people walk down the aisle together at the beginning of the rest of their lives together. While this special day is all dandy, what happens when one of the spouse’s end up going to prison?
This wouldn’t exactly be anyone’s happily ever after. However, most states allow spouses to file for divorce if one of the spouses ends up going to prison.

In this case, before the termination of a marriage, there must be a legally acceptable reason for the divorce to happen. Since the 60s, most states in the USA have adopted the “no-fault” divorce process. In this process, either spouse must prove that the other spouse is responsible for the disregard of the marriage. The general reason for a no-fault process is to prevent long and contentious divorce trials.

Depending on the state the individual resides in, the no-fault grounds might include might include all the differences between spouses in the marriage. This means that once it has been established, the couple’s marriage would be over with no chance for reconciliation.

Fault-based divorce, on the other hand, is where one spouse must prove the misconduct that caused the marriage to fail. The most commonly known fault-based grounds for divorce include:

• Adultery.
• Insanity.
• Cruelty.
• Drug/alcohol abuse.

Since most states in the country allow spouses to file for divorce if their spouse goes to prison, it might be better to file for a no-fault divorce or separation grounds. This would be better than waiting for the courts to issue a prison sentence for their spouse.

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