Hard Money Lenders Raleigh For Financial Needs

Came across a property that stole your heart quite unexpectedly which is worth more than you have? Being rejected again and again by banks and other traditional financing companies and have no way to close the deal? Hard Money Lenders are as not hard as they seem and Private Money Lenders Raleigh/Durham, NC, especially, is never hard on our borrowers who come in search for a quick financial aid. We are the fastest funding company on earth that says “YES” without second thoughts when we can say so.

We have obtained super quick and easy funding methods for real-estate investors. We base our evaluation on the value of the property concerned instead of taking in to regard your creditworthiness. Even if you are self-employed, we say yes to you. Our super fast funding projects take only ten days time from the beginning to their completion, and our Pre-approval takes only 5 minutes of your valuable time. Whereas traditional companies eat up your time and say no at the end, we accept or decline your loans as fast as possible, giving you the opportunity to pursue other options. But we assure you, we are highly unlikely to say no.

The experienced professionals at Hard Money Lenders Raleigh provide you the best customer services, assisting you from the start of the process and ensuring either party makes no mistakes. We provide specialized investor services including
• Proof-of-Funds Letters
• Project Consulting
• Refi-Builder

Also, to provide hassle-free funding experience that fulfills your exact requirements. We have customized our loan programs as follows:
• Residential Real Estate Investments including Investor Flips, Residential Rentals, Cash-out Refinances.
• Investor Loan Programs including Buy- Fix- Sell, Buy and Hold, Investor Refinance and Rehab Finances.

Unlike other hard money lenders, Hard Money Lenders Raleigh is determined to achieve win-win results for all parties involved through the use of ethical business practices. Bridgewell Capital is a trusted Hard Money company registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and with a team of professional employees that have gained 30+ years of experience in the sector that have lent more than $200 million since its establishment.