Pros And Cons Of Private Money Loans.

Hard money lenders can be defined as “third-party” private money lenders. This is the furthest type of lender from a borrower concerning the relationship involved. However, hard money lenders are considered to be some of the best private money lenders because of their reliability, and standardized interest rates, fees, costs, and generally reasonable loan terms. […]

BridgeWell Capital, The Quick & Easy Way To Fund Your Real Estate Investment

Don’t let your credit rating or employment status stop you from venturing into the flourishing real estate business of Tampa. While that might exempt you from being eligible for a bank loan, hard money is still available. This hard money needs to be obtained from a professional who has had vast experience in the field. […]

The Best Hard Money Lender In Indianapolis, BridgeWell Capital

Worried about your damaged credit or your employment status to apply for a loan for your next investment? Don’t be. Hard Money Lenders Indianapolis, BridgeWell Capital, don’t discriminate our clients based on that. Instead, we strive to help real estate investors gain access to the capital they need to pursue excellent investment opportunities. With that […]