ASD & SCD Are Mutually Exclusive

When it comes to identification and treatment of mental health issues, non-professionals can find it very tricky. That is why professional Psychiatrists never advises self-diagnosis and over-the-counter medication.

There are more than a handful of mental health conditions that seem more alike than they do thus making way for misdiagnosis to take place. Misdiagnosis can lead to mistreatment that leads to a whole other set of problems. Only a qualified and experienced Psychiatrist can appropriately diagnose these conditions and treat as needed.

Two such conditions are Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Social Communication Disorder (SCD). Both seem very alike at first sight causing many not to be able to say them apart. But the differences stand out and make them mutually exclusive. One cannot be diagnosed with both at the same time.

But even the differences are not that obvious in plain sight when it comes to practical situations. That is why you need a qualified Windermere Psychiatrist to diagnose the condition correctly.

Both SCD and ASD make social interactions challenging to handle. But SCD does not show a history of restricted and repetitive behavior pattern which ASD does. ASD can make one over or under sensitive to sounds, sights, and textures. And it can make one adversely react to changes and interruptions in routines.

Although the differences may seem vivid enough, recognizing them in practical situations is not as easy. The repetitive behaviors can often go unnoticed by many.

Get a proper diagnosis done by a qualified psychiatrist leaving no room for misdiagnoses. And thus ensure that you get the fitting and best treatment for the condition diagnosed.