The Two Worlds Of Bipolar Disorder

The basic definition of bipolar disorder can be described as an alternating feeling between extreme highs known as “mania,” and extreme lows known as “depression.” Generally, with that interpretation, it incorrectly could lead to the belief that the depression and mania come in equal parts. In other words, if an individual suffering from bipolar disorder […]

OCD Is No Joke

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a serious mental health disorder that can affect individuals at any age. It occurs when an individual gets caught up in a repetitive cycle of obsessions and compulsive acts triggered through distressed feelings. Getting caught up in obsessive or compulsive thoughts occurs with almost all people from time to time. Each […]

ASD & SCD Are Mutually Exclusive

When it comes to identification and treatment of mental health issues, non-professionals can find it very tricky. That is why professional Psychiatrists never advises self-diagnosis and over-the-counter medication. There are more than a handful of mental health conditions that seem more alike than they do thus making way for misdiagnosis to take place. Misdiagnosis can […]