5 Different Ways To Get Out Of Jail

When someone is jailed, the first thing that comes to mind is bail. Fortunately, the laws in Florida make it possible for family members or loved ones to arrange the transfer of bonds. When trying to get someone out of jail, the below can be listed as five different ways to do so:

  1. Release On Recognizance.
    This is often known as ROR. It is generally used for defendants that are charged with a misdemeanor and with very little or no criminal records. Here, if the judge decides the defendant is worth the ROR, he/she will sign an agreement before being released. In this case, no bail is set.
  2. Cash bond.
    To be able to post a cash bond, the entire amount should be paid. The advantage of cash bonds is that there is no intermediary. However, in Florida, most courts do not accept cash for these cash bonds. In this case, they prefer cashier checks, credit cards, or money orders.
  3. Secured Bonds.
    This is when a defendant isn’t able to afford to pay cash bail. In this case, a secured bond is the popular choice. This is where instead of paying the entire bail amount, the defendant pays only 10 percent premium set by lawmakers. A Brevard bail bonds company then issues the other 90 percent if the defendant fails to show up for all court appearances.
  4. Unsecured bond.
    The defendant is released without paying the bond. He signs a contract agreeing to return for all court hearings and trial. The court sets a bail amount, and the defendant or co-signor is only required to pay bail by failing to show up at court.

These listed procedures above can provide defendants with an idea on how to post bail to get out of jail, however, in many cases, the biggest problem with posting bail is not having enough funds at the given time.

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