What Is Temporary Emergency Child Custody?

Certain child custody laws are in place to protect children from immediate danger or harm. Especially minor children. Sadly, these forms of trouble may even spring from parents. That is when you can make use of temporary emergency child custody.

As mentioned, it is a temporary court order but can help you ensure the child’s safety during critical emergency situations. If one parent is abusing the child in question, the other can step forth and request the judge for temporary emergency child custody. In this case, sufficient evidence needs to be provided. Given that, the judge will sign on the petition and grant temporary emergency child custody immediately. Due to the circumstances, it is usually not required for the other parent to be present. Even when the other parent is absent, the judge can grant emergency child custody to one parent.

Also, the right to request temporary emergency child custody is not just limited to the parents. Other adults can also seek temporary emergency child custody given that both parents are incapacitated, abusive or neglectful. As long as the judge is provided with sufficient proof of immediate danger or harm on the child, the order will be granted.

But don’t forget that temporary emergency child custody does not grant custody for an extended period. Usually, the permanent child custody hearing will take place soon after to ensure that both parents’ stories are heard. That’s to make sure that children are not put in danger or harm’s way even from their very own parents.

After all, children’s safety is what matters first and foremost. Your Orlando Child Custody Attorney can help you figure out what your next step should be in taking your child’s custody. Contact the No name right now to get yourself an appointment with the best attorney in town. With the right legal counsel and representation, you can make sure that your child always gets the best.