The Need of a Reliable CT Scanner

The Need of a Reliable CT Scanner

Many professionals in this world specialize in a specific field. Out of them, there are people engaged in fields contributing high levels of risk to themselves and others. One such risky field is the field of medicine. The human body is at times unpredictable. With the smallest of mistakes, there can be a loss of life. Therefore medical professionals must ensure they maintain absolute accuracy and precision. In the present, doctors and other medical professionals are aided by many machines and equipment to provide better care for patients. Medical professionals may be able to ensure their own accuracy. But if the equipment they use underperforms or fails, a life of a patient is at risk. Therefore medical equipment and machinery that are used should be at the best levels of performance.

A computed tomography scan (CT scan), formerly referred to as computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan), is an important unit of machinery used in the field of medicine. This machine’s primary functionality is creating cross-sectional images or a virtual representation of a scanned object. This machine enables the user to have an in-depth view inside an object (or inside a patient) without having to cut it open. This unit of machinery has gained its importance since its introduction as a tool used for disease prevention and disease screening.

The CT scanner is used to scan many areas of the body. It is used to scan the head to detect tumors, hemorrhages, bone trauma, etc. It is also used to scan the lungs and to receive a more in-depth view of the internals of the lungs. This scanner becomes very useful in examinations as it provides a near three-dimensional view which serves well than a two-dimensional view offered by an x-ray. Furthermore, the CT scanner is used to scan the cardiac (heart) and to have a better idea about its anatomy. This scanner comes particularly useful in the case of replacement of heart valves.

Koninklijke Philips N.V, more commonly known as PHILIPS, is a Dutch multinational technology company. This company’s primary focus is on health care and lighting. PHILIPS produces a number of medical equipment such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, PET scanners, etc. This brand of household and medical equipment has gone on to become a globally recognized and trusted brand.

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