The Discovery A Bone Densitometer

A Discovery A Hologic bone densitometer has been known to stand out with the features offered. These systems are typically sold with a standard package of scanning abilities that are known to have exceeded all the previous Hologic bone densitometer models. Many of the features provided by the Discovery A systems are available on the earlier models of the Discovery line. However, they are not available in any package as inclusive as the Discovery A line and includes:

  • Whole body scanning.
  • Supine lateral BMD.
  • 10-second spine.
  • 10-second femur.
  • Forearm.
  • Dual hip.
  • CADfx.
  • Radiologic vertebral assessment.

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In addition to the pre-available package, the Discovery A models also support various optional features over the other discovery models including:
  • Prosthetic hip.
  • Small animals.
  • Whole body scanning of infants.
  • Body composition analysis.
  • Analysis of the sub-region body composition.

Now that you are familiar with the different studies that can be conducted with the Discovery A, it can be understood that these systems are one of the most advanced forms of bone densitometers in the market today. While other models have great tools, these systems would be readily available for all different types of contingencies and situations regarding bone densitometer scanning procedures.

At the same time, if the needs of your medical facility don’t require every tool provided by these systems, there may come a time where you would find the worth for your money in these Hologic Discovery A bone densitometer systems.
Whatever the requirements of your bone study needs, it is essential to weigh the needs of the facility and see how this equipment can be implemented to gain an advantage over other medical facilities.

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