Scans For Children

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices are non-invasive medical exams performed by physicians for the diagnosis of medical conditions.

An MRI device makes use of a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses, and a computer device to create detailed images of the internal body structure. The detailed images produced by the MRI scan allow physicians to examine and evaluate different parts of the body to help identify if any diseases are present within an individual.

When it comes to performing an MRI on children the procedure is a little bit different and requires a lot more care and effort to ensure high-quality results are guaranteed.

So how is the procedure performed on a child?

The child would be placed on a movable examination table. On occasion, straps could be sued to help children stay calm and maintain the correct position during the imaging.
Once the relevant procedures involving tests and medication are given, the child will then be inserted into the magnet of the MRI device. Radiologists and technologists will then perform the exam while monitoring from a computer outside the room.

What would a child experience during and after the procedure?

Usually, the child would be alone in the room during the MRI. However, radiologists and technologists would be able to communicate with the child using a two-way intercom. Children are typically given goggles or headphones to help pass the time and remain still during the exam by listening to music or watching videos.

Throughout the procedure, the child would be aware of when the images are being recorded due to the noises produced by the machine. However, it is essential at all costs for the child to remain calm throughout the entire procedure. In some instances, children may experience some reactions through the procedure; however, a physician or radiologist would be available for immediate assistance.

Besides the factors mentioned above, children would experience the same occurrence during an MRI procedure as adults with minimal risks if the right steps are followed. The facilities used for an MRI are of quality standards is essential, vital equipment such as the Hitachi MRI device should be used for the best results.

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