Retroactive Child Support

When parents divorce, the custodial parent has the right to a certain amount of child support from the non-custodial parent. Retroactive child support is not the same as child support.

A gap between when becoming eligible to collect child support and getting the court order finalized is inevitable. During this period, the custodial parent has a right to retroactive child support from the non-custodial parent. The law defines various limits to this retroactive child support that can be obtained. Your Child Support Attorney Orlando can give you a better understanding of it.

Retroactive child support payments have a maximum limit of 24 months. Even if finalizing the court order takes longer than this, this limit is the maximum you can go for. That is why custodial parents need to get their court order finalized as soon as possible. Your Child Support Attorney should be able to help you do that.

Also, retroactive child support can be paid in installments or as a lump sum whichever is preferred. The court helps parents decide on these circumstances.

A competent Child Support Attorney can make sure that your child’s rights remain protected. The parent’s divorce should not affect the growth and well being of the child. You need to ensure that your lawyer helps you protect yours and your child’s rights in every way possible.

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