Recovering Child Support From Delinquent Parents

The court proceedings are over, and the order for payment of child support has been finalized. But more often than not we here about negligent parents failing to make their child support payments on time. Some just outright refuse to pay child support and some may even just forget to do so. But whatever the case, it is the child’s needs in concern here. Therefore, the amount of child support needs to be collected as soon as possible. Ensure that your child does not have to be deprived of basic needs just because of the parents’ differences.

Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL will tell you what you can do in such a scenario. These type of cases call for immediate legal action. Legal action needs to be taken soon to retrieve the payments from the parent who’s paying child support. The State Department of Revenue can help you do that. It can assist with payment and distribution of child support and in locating parents who go AWOL in these cases. If even then the parent refuses or neglects the orders, a motion for contempt can be filed against the parent. That can result in severe repercussions for the parent in question even up to the extent of incarceration.

Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL can help you if you are in a similar situation. Has the other parent ignored all your requests and just simply refuses to make the payments? It’s time for you to turn for legal assistance. Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL can help you get what is rightfully your child’s financial support. Contact the Law Office of Erin Morse right now to get an appointment to discuss your case. With the expert legal assistance to help protect yours and your child’s rights, await a favorable result.