MRI Preventive Maintenance

If present during the installation process of an MRI, it can be determined how much work went into actually building the product. For that reason, it is important to want to make sure that the MRI stays working at its best. Fortunately, some procedures can be taken for the avoidance and prevention of the unexpected happenings known as MRI preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance involves a set of procedures performed before an issue arises which would help avoid breaking down unexpectedly. One of the most important things to do regarding an MRI is protecting the investment made for it.

A few of the vital aspects of the machine that require MRI maintenance are as follows:

• Chiller service.

All manufacturers of chiller equipment for an MRI require a small difference in preventive maintenance. Making sure the cooling systems don’t fail is vital to ensure there are no error messages.

• Coldhead coverage

The repair for this part could be high and should surely be included in the MRI preventive service plan.

• Engineer.

It is essential to make use of an engineer who is certified to perform work on each specific MRI.

• ACR Accreditation.

Having only a preventive maintenance procedure available doesn’t mean that the ACR standards are met for the MRI. This program checks the qualification of the operators, the quality control program, and the safety policies and quality of the images specific to each MRI.

To ensure that an MRI is getting the right amount of care that it requires it is vital to make sure the above areas are included along with acquiring a list of vendors.

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