Limiting Medical History In A Divorce.

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Typically, for all individuals, it is a necessity to disclose any relevant medical information in a divorce case. Although the ex-spouse can’t go through an entire investigation regarding the other spouses’ medical history, he/she can, however, request relevant documents that are relevant to the divorce case.

When it comes to using a medical history of a spouse in a divorce, specific conditions or treatments used may be irrelevant, even if it is regarding custody or alimony.

For example, there may be some reasons for an individual to want to keep information about some cosmetic surgeries private. This could include procedures such as liposuction, a nose job, or a chronic condition. Keeping cosmetic procedures like that as a secret and out of the case is a pretty reasonable request. If this is a scenario that occurs, if the individual’s right to privacy outweighs the necessity of that information, then a judge may agree to the medical records staying private. The main point is that all information used in the divorce proceeding should be relevant to the case.

When an individual requests for spousal support or alimony, specific measures are generally taken. All records concerning disabilities or chronic conditions that prevent the individual from working would need to be presented for the case in courts. Additionally, however, documents regarding cosmetic procedures that have been done by the individual may become relevant in the case if the spouse seeks to offset the alimony reward.

A single way to prevent the whole medical record from being disclosed for the case is to provide the spouse with the relevant requested information.

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