Best company for Columbia, SC Money Loans

Best company for Columbia, SC Money Loans

If you are in Columbia, SC , and you want a hard money loan, do not worry because your goal is achievable. The only thing you require is the best lending company in Columbia, SC. It is none other than BridgeWell Capital. It is the financial partner you need to continue running your real estate business. This company focuses only on providing loans for real estate investors. If you want money for school fees, financing a car loan, or buying something that is not related to real estate, this is not your best hard money lender.

What is a hard money lender?

It is a lender that provides short-term loans to real estate investors. It is easy to qualify for their loan as long as your property has a high value. A hard money loan is the right choice when you have a real estate deal you want to finance quickly and safely. BridgeWell Capital is a hard money lender.

What makes BridgeWell Capital the best columbia, sc money loans lender?

This company’s wealth of experience puts it ahead of the competitor. It has existed since 2008 and has provided loans of over 500MM so far. Its popularity is also because of the following qualities:

• An easy online loan application process – Once you find their website and decide to apply for a hard money loan, you can do it immediately without leaving the site.
• The company’s loan process is quick and transparent – Once you submit an online application form, a customer care official will engage you immediately to start the modernized and straightforward underwriting process.
• On-time delivery of loans – BridgeWell Capital funds its loans with real in-house capital. The cash is ready as long as you are prepared to close that deal.
• Coaching service is available for free – There is a professional investment coach ready to train your team.
• The best loan terms are accessible – If you want a loan with the lowest interest rates on the market, BridgeWell Capital has them.

Type of loans you can get

It is a company that specializes in real estate investment loans; there are several options for you to enjoy. These include the following:
• Fix to flip loan
• Fix to rent loan
• Cash-out refinance loan
• Multi-family loans
• Commercial loans

You should know the kind of loan facility you need to take before approaching this lender. Each loan has a lovely APR range and other terms. As this lender has no middlemen, you can expect the application to be more transparent and quicker.

Who can get approved for a BridgeWell Capital loan?

The company seems not to discriminate against borrowers based on their credit history. It clearly states in the FAQ section that bad credit borrowers or those in self-employment are welcome to apply for a loan. If you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you can pay back your columbia, sc money loans every month, especially by having a high property value, you are likely to be approved for a loan.

Important things to note about BridgeWell Capital

• BridgeWell Capital has the most transparent and fair pricing strategy. The fees you should pay are openly shown. So there are no hidden charges at the last stage.
• If you need a reasonable faith estimate showing your entire loan costs, it can be provided on request and free.
• The minimum down payment is usually 10 percent of the property purchase price and renovation cost. Note that closing costs are not included here.
• Foreclosure or short sales are never used to calculate the After Repair Value of the property in question. Only recent comparable sales in the locality are used to compute ARV.
• The lender has no pre-payment penalties for its investor rehab loans or cash-out refinances. However, its rental property loans have a pre-payment penalty for five years.

If you want to apply for a hard money loan to finance your property flips or other real estate projects, feel free to get in touch with the best company for Columbia SC Monel Loans, BridgeWell Capital.