Air CT Scanners Vs Water Cooled CT Scanners

Each CT scanner has many moving electrical components which mean, heat in the system can be built up quickly. Ensuring that cooling happens is one of the primary requirements in a modern multi-slice CT system. These systems are generally designed to accommodate around 100kW of power in the tube and an incredibly high patient load. For this reason, it is essential to keep the systems and the room cold to prevent the event of over-heating.
Choosing the right equipment, such as a GE 64 slice ct scanner, occasionally depends on the location that the CT scanner would be placed.

So what is the difference between having an Air-cooled system and a Water Cooled system?

In an Air-Cooled system, the heat is distorted to the surrounding air through external covers of the gantry through a fan.
If the system doesn’t have a source of water ready like a cooling tower, then an air-cooled system is the right choice. Although the chiller may be expensive, no other facilities are required to get the heat off other than ambient air.

For a water-cooled chiller, heat is distorted by the use of a cooling tower or a plant cooling water system.
If the facility has a readily available source of water such as a cooling tower, the water-cooled system would be the right choice.
Whichever system an organization decides to go with, it is essential to select the right piece of equipment to fit the facility and ensure that patients can receive the proper treatment and obtain effective results.

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