Why Stay In A Bad Marriage

Unhappy marriages and divorce have become one of the most common scenarios when talking about marriage. It’s no secret that multiple spouses are discussing these things with their therapists or friends to feel a sense of comfort. The complaints are generally not unusual but heartfelt when it comes to hearing how spouses are living in such situations. There is a whole range of misdemeanors on the part of a spouse that could be included, whether it’s the husband or the wife. A few of the misbehaviors on the spouse’s part include:

  • Violent behavior.
  • Repeated or prolonged absence.
  •  Infidelity.
  •  Temper.
  • Selfishness.
  • Constant lies.
 Improper parenting behavior.

The list could go on, and could only get worse. Contemplation begins in trying to understand why spouses stay in marriages surrounded by such conundrum. Even after the spouse itself concludes that the marriage will not work, the thought of leaving the marriage is what causes the fear.
In this aspect, the spouse who is the victim of the distressed marriage stays for reasons such as:

 For the children.

The unwillingness to give up payment on divorce action. While some spouses don’t work, they are generally dependent on their partner. Hostility gives them a reason not to pay any divorce-related settlements. In that case staying with someone they are incompatible with, becomes the last option.

  • The unwillingness to move out of the house. To build a home it requires far more work than perceived. In that case, the spouse would often find it hard to get away.
  •  Attachment to in-laws or mutual friends.
  • The fear of loneliness.

These reasons should not be a base for staying in a loveless, unhappy marriage. Although there would be grievances, divorce should be looked at with a positive mind and finding the best Orlando divorce lawyers should be the spouse’s first motive in willing to pursue a better life by putting an end to a bad marriage.

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