What Do You Know About Post-secondary Child Support?

What does this post-secondary child support entail? Child support does not have to end when the child turns 18. True. That is the typical scenario where child support ends as soon as the child turns into a legal adult. But there are certain requirements that yield post-secondary child support.

Any Child Support Attorney Orlando will tell you how and when it is applicable. It is more or less the same as supporting your child through school and then through college as well. It is where one parent seeks the other parent’s financial support to help put their child through college. Or any accredited educational institute for that matter.

But in most cases the court does not deem it necessary and instead, seals it as “advisory.” Nevertheless, seeing your child through college can be extremely beneficial in defining the child’s future. Know what you have to know about post-secondary child support from your Child Support Attorney Orlando. Then you will find out if your situation is in favor of this or not.

There are many factors that will be considered by a court when ordering a parent to pay post-secondary child support. These include, but are not limited to, the child’s age, financial needs and type of education sought. After evaluating all factors under consideration, the court will declare whether the situation demands post-secondary child support or not.

Erin Morse and her team at the Law Office of Erin Morse are extremely knowledgeable in this field. Child support is their expertise. She can make sure that your case gets all the attention required and ultimately your child receives the best. Don’t let your child’s future be at stake just because your relationship with the other parent is over. Contact Child Support Attorney Orlando, Erin Morse to find out how to pay/receive the fair share of child support.