Time-sharing/Parenting Plan?

“Child custody” and “visitation” is no more in Florida. Instead, they have been replaced with the terms “time-sharing” and “parenting plan.” Child Custody Lawyers Orlando FL can help you get what’s best for your child.

Parents do agree that what they want is what is best for their children. But in the end, in most cases, both parents don’t come to terms with a parenting plan by themselves. In the case of the existence of such contrasting views, the court steps in. It will take several key factors into consideration and finalize a parenting plan to be followed by each parent. In most such cases, the court even appoints a neutral party to review the case in question.

Although your marital relationship with the other parent has ended, the contact with your children has to be maintained. To not drift apart, you need to have a parenting plan that suits yours and your children’s best interests. That is what Child Custody Lawyers Orlando FL specialize in.

Although this is maybe your first time handling such an issue, it isn’t for Erin Morse and her team. With her experience and sound knowledge with regard to these aspects of family law, you can assure yourself the best.

One of the best Child Custody Lawyers Orlando FL, Erin Morse, and her team can represent your interests in court the best. You may be looking to settle this once and for all. Or you may be looking to modify your existing parenting plan in case it doesn’t apply or fit anymore. In either scenario, Erin Morse is your best option. You can guarantee yourself that you will be represented well and thoroughly in court. Contact her right away with your issues to obtain her guidance and legal counsel in pursuing your case. She can get your children what is best for them.