Onsite Computer Repair Shop Orlando

Onsite Computer Repair Shop Orlando

People have different uses for their computers. For some people, a computer is a tool for making money. Without it, they would go hungry. For others, a computer is mainly for entertainment purposes. Without it, they would feel bored and angry. Unfortunately, even a small laptop error can ruin any user’s day. While some PC users can troubleshoot and repair simple laptop issues, others are not good at this. Even those who are conversant with computer problems cannot get a laptop to work in some situations. When such a day arrives, make sure you find a decent computer repair Orlando shop and take the damaged laptop there. Some laptop problems need expert intervention and include:

  • Motherboard issues
  • Hard disk errors or damage
  • Overheating
Motherboard issues

Once a laptop develops a motherboard problem, one has two choices. Their first choice is to have the motherboard of the computer checked by a professional. If it is hard to repair the machine, the next option is to buy a new laptop. A faulty motherboard would be expensive to replace. The price of a motherboard could compare to that of a new laptop. To know if the motherboard has issues, plug-in the power adaptor and see if the following happens:

  • No response at all
  • The “ON” light appears, and the fan spins. However, there are no sounds on the hard disk, and the screen stays black.
  • The “ON” light appears and the fan spins, but then the light disappears
  • After pushing the “ON” button, the screen stays dark while the machine produces a loud noise.
Hard disk errors or damage

The most common PC hardware issues have to do with the hard disk itself. Laptop hard disks are more prone to failure than desktop computer hard disks. Damage could occur after accidentally dropping the laptop when running. When the hard disk is developing issues or has severe damage, signs can appear. These are:

  • A blue screen followed by an error message after starting the machine may occur. One error one may see is “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.” Another one is WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM” is missing or corrupt. Such an error message could be a good sign that the file system has failed to work or the hard disk have bad sectors.
  • The laptop can start, but the Windows freezes on the first screen. A clicking sound may occur too. One must replace their hard disk right away.
  • When the “SMART test failed. Backup your data immediately and replace the hard disk” message appears on a black screen a few minutes after booting your laptop. Take the computer to a computer repair Orlando before replacing the hard disk. Replacement of the HD may be the only solution.

A laptop that overheats often may have a problem that deserves examination. To know that it is overheating, look for these signs:

  • Beeping
  • Freezing
  • Restarting itself
  • Locks down after it has been running for ten to fifteen minutes
  • The abovementioned signs occur over and over when the laptop is shut down and booted again.

When a fan blocks due to dust or poor positioning, the machine can overheat. In such cases, the user can troubleshoot and repair the problem. If the problem persists, one should know that the cause is serious. When there is a severe root cause, the right thing is to get an expert’s opinion.


If a laptop develops an issue in the motherboard or hard disk or if it begins to overheat, pay attention to note how it is behaving. This information can help the person who would do the repair work. When dealing with complex laptop issues, such as those featured in this article, deal only with a professional service provider who has experience in the field. If you are looking for an onsite computer repair shop Orlando, our suggestion is Computer Tech Solutions.

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